Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Trying. June.

Seeming how I haven't sat down and blogged in well over three months, I am not sure I could possibly catch up. Quite honestly, it has been nice not blogging... with a little guilt because I know I have family who doesn't live nearby that would like to see pictures of the kids. But the truth is I have had one of the hardest summers of my life. I can only think of 2 others that sucked more than this one. I won't go into details but, I haven't been in the best place mentally or emotionally. However, I continue to push on. So, in my effort to get caught up, here I am. So where has our life been while MIA?? June. Well that is a blur. At the beginning of the month Mark had his tonsils removed and his nose repaired (he had a deviated septum). So for two weeks he was under the weather, and was not allowed to pick up anything over 10 pounds. It was a hard task on me. It gave me a greater insight to what Grant went through a year ago.
The kids started swim lessons, and both did well. Grant was semi-swimming by the end of the 2 weeks, and Cami... Well, she isn't afraid of the water, and the teachers wished they could have put Velcro on her bum to keep her put. But it was fun for them, and I'm glad they were able to do it.
Cami also went to see a special optometrist. Her left eye was becoming lazy (although, only her Dr and I could see it). Her right eye is slowly becoming stronger and in return, her left eye is starting to "wander" and the vision is getting weaker. Now she gets to wear an eye patch for 3 hours a day, and she has glasses. This is hard to do!! She likes to take her glasses off and give them to people, or she'll lose them. But overall it is working and hopefully she'll only have a little longer doing this.
In the midst of this, I turned 30. I looked back on my last 10 years, and I see so much wasted time, and a lot of hurt. It only added to my ever spiraling out of control depression. But regardless, my life is where I always imagined it would be. It just took a little longer, but I learned a lot of important lessons along the way. So here's to the next ten years!