Thursday, February 11, 2010

The time is NOW!

The time is NOW!!! I had worked so hard to start losing the baby weight, but some where, some how I lost that motivation. I am facing the raw detail... I am a food addict!! I LOVE FOOD!! I love chocolate, I love cookies, I love cheese cakes, but more than everything, I LOVE COOKING A GOOD MEAL FOR MY HUSBAND!! I am not sure where I came up with the idea that in order to cook a good meal, it needs lots of fatty things in them. So here we go....

My name is Rachel, and I am a food addict. I am going to over come this, because I don't want to continually struggle with it for the rest of my life. I am going to do this in a healthy manner, and will learn to do it right. I will change my life style, so it will be an example for my children. I will change my life, so that my husband will be around longer. I will change my life, so that I am happier and healthier. I will NOT wait for tomorrow, I am going to do it today!

So. Goodbye chocolate, thank you for the comfort you gave me in the moment. Goodbye cookies, how I'll miss you with milk. Goodbye cheesecakes, I was never the biggest fan of you anyways. Goodbye Big Hunks, you have been my favorite, but I can't afford the extra 230 calories a day! Goodbye french fries, my hips never liked you anyways. Goodbye to you Pepsi... I will miss you the most. You have helped me through the sleepless nights, and helped regain some push to get through my day, but you are the worst culprit of them all. Goodbye to ALL my unhealthy habits, and HELLO to feeling good again! I've missed my skinny clothes WAY to long!! Let the games begin!

Monday, February 8, 2010

We were sisters by chance, friends by choice

Believe it or not, Kendi and I don't have many photo's together. I'm sure if I dug I could find some. On Friday, I was going about my work, LALALA, as I always do. My cell phone rang, and to my surprise, it was my sister, Kendi. I guess not much to my surprise, because she does call me on occasion to check up on me. I answered and she told me that she wanted me to hear the news from her, and no one else... My thought... YES, she's caved in and is having another baby!! If only it was something that nice. As up beat as she could, she broke the news that her family would be moving to North Dakota in less than a month!?!?! What? Honestly, who moves to North Dakota?? I had to laugh a little, and then, like a cut, it started stinging. I tried keeping it together for her, because I know that this is the hardest thing they have ever had to do. The last thing I wanted was to make it that much harder on her. But I honestly had the hardest weekend. Friday night, I just sat in the bath and cried. The first thing I thought about when I woke up Saturday was, "they're really moving!".

Kendi is seven years older than me. Growing up, we had little in common. But I do have vivid memories of her. I remember sleeping with her when we 1st moved to Casa Grande, and sharing a room with her in Toltec. I remember her watching me when I had pneumonia. I love telling people how I was named Rachel. When Kendi found out that my mom was pregnant with me, she went around telling everyone that she was going to have a sister and her name was going to be Rachel. My sister who is 7 years older than me, named me! And honestly, I love the name. I remember Kendi teaching me how to put on make-up when I was in Jr. high. I remember her coming home for Christmas one year, and she had made Megan and I both dolls, which I loved and thought they were perfect, because she made it just for me!!

It wasn't until I got older that I truly grew closer to her. I know Kendi feels that she could have been a better sister when I was younger, but I don't think it matters, and I think we could all be better at something. But something happened to our relationship when I got out of high school. I started calling her, and needing her input, and asking for her advise. Almost every time I have had a trial in my life, Kendi is almost always the first person I've called. I know that she understands the challenges that I faced. And I admire her strength. She often times has said she feels like the odd ball in the family, being unique is not a bad thing. I hope that remembers that she is still "An important branch of the Bingham Family tree!"

Kendi - I am so excited for you and your family!! You have an amazing husband, who has been so good to you. Together you guys have 5 amazing kids. I am going to miss having them around!! I hope you truly know how much I love you, and admire the person you have become. Be strong, as I know you will, but remember that you are always wanted here. I love you Kendi, Chris, Zach, Blake, Cody, Erin and Macie!!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentine Cards

OK, maybe I'm cheap or maybe I want to learn to be crafty. Either way, I think I scored with this! I saw the idea here,, and though I didn't have everything it said, I had tape!! I modified it a little, but I still think they came out cute. Not to mention it made 6 for $.50! Hopefully the little kids that Grant goes to daycare with, will enjoy them!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yep, he's ours!!

Anyone who really knows Mark or myself, knows that we really enjoy spicy food. Mark had a meeting tonight, so I figured I would take advantage of it, and make sandwiches. I pulled everything out, including the peperoncini's. I do not eat a lot of these, because I love Cami, and I love her not screaming. But I figured, what will one do??

Grant saw the bottle and wanted one. He has never had one, and so I told him no, that they were to hot. Grant is the type that when he wants to try something... He will do it! I tried putting these in order, because it was so funny!!

He licked it at first, and had this weird face, and took a drink.

Then he went back for some more... Then took another drink... And then went back for some more.

When I was pregnant with Grant, I ate A LOT of hot things. The girls at IDS always use to tell me that they thought he was going to come out beat red... He didn't, but he did acquire my taste buds!!