Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

It was the night before Christmas, and the cleaning elves visited my house!! What a blissful 2 hours that was =)I was so nervous about everything turning out right for Grant. This is the first Christmas that he has understood things, and I wanted him to have good memories!

Months ago I knew I wanted Grant to have a train table. But I wanted it to have a race track on the other side... so we were left with one choice, build it ourselves. Mark has a rocking horse that his mom painted, and he has always been proud of it (yes, Ruth, he loved and cherishes those things you did for him). So with that, we did it. And I am so glad that we put forth that effort!! I feel the table came out ok, but Grant LOVED it, can I say more??

Santa wanted to bring Cami another barbie... which she wouldn't be playing with for another 2 years, but Santa wants her to have a collection. Feeling bad, a last minute decision was made, and she got a little slide. GREAT MOVE, she has so much fun with it!!

Cami had so much fun!! There were toys everywhere, not to mention the chocolate too!

Grant pretty much played with the table ALL day. Santa also brought him some new trains and tracks. I love seeing him so happy!! And he kept telling everyone, Merry Christmas!!

We did not make it up to see my family, and because of that I was sad. But I am truly blessed with a wonderful husband and two wonderful kids who filled my day with love and joy. I hope your Christmas was just as great!!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Busy Saturday!!

The last Saturday before Christmas!! There is a million things I still need to get done, but I really want my children to enjoy this time of year!! Our ward had a "breakfast with Santa Clause"... HOW COULD I TURN THIS DOWN??!! The best part was that Grant woke up asking for pancakes!!! Bonus number two!!

I texted Aunt Shelby last night to see if she was going... And she came, just to spend time with the kids!!! What an awesome Aunt!!

Cami was NOT having any part of Santa!! Which didn't surprise me.

Grant just loved seeing Santa again. As soon as he walked into the room, Grant got so exited!! And when it was his turn to sit on his lap, the two just talked and talked. It was great... I am so glad he is old enough to love and enjoy these things!!

After that we needed to go get some things to finish up Grant's Christmas present. As we were walking into Lowe's, Mark noticed that their workshop was building a train today. But we didn't "preregister", and wasn't sure if they had room...

Yeah, they did and Grant was SO excited to build something with his daddy!! It was such a fun day for Grant!!!

I just LOVE this little girl!

Yes, my little girl is eating a pickle... And has to have one if she sees one.

I just love her!!!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Christmas Tree!!!

It's a few days late, but we got our Christmas tree put up! My mom has in years past bought a new Christmas tree "theme". One year while I was spending Christmas with her, I really wanted to do a old time Christmas theme, with wood ordaments and all that jazz. Last year I borrowed that theme, and still had it, so I put it up. I love it!! I makes me want to put in White Christmas and watch it over and over and over and over ;)

Grant offically LOVES everything about Christmas! He especially loves the lights. I surprised him by putting some up in his room, which he loved. I sooo like this time of year!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy December!!!

We started the month out by going to see Santa! Grant was so excited, and talked his ear off. It was very cute, Grant sure does have the ability to make instant friends!! Cami on the other hand, was not as comfortable with him and she cried and cried until I took her. Grant can't wait to go back to and see Santa!!