Monday, June 28, 2010

Camping at Patigonia Lake

About two weeks ago I was talking to Mark about going camping. We decided that we would go to Patagonia Lake, which is about an hour and a half away. We invited the Maroney's and my parents. The Maroney's had some previous plans, and so it was just us and my parents. I was fully prepared to sleep in a tent, but Mark had asked around and found a trailer for us to stay in.... AND BOY WAS I GLAD!! It was very hot, and had we not had the camper, we wouldn't have made it!!

Cami loved being there. She was not grumpy, and she played hard, and slept harder!!

This was the first time we had gone camping at a lake. The boys were able to fish, and ask Mark put it, he caught a lot of rocks... Next time babe.

It was great to just hang out there and enjoy being with the kids. They were both so good.

We decided that we would only stay one night, instead of two. It was hot, and I really just wanted my bed. Knowing that we would be going to church the next day, I really wanted to kids to be in the beds too!

While we were there, we were all sitting around, and Cami was on the couch with my parents. We were distracted by Grant, and Cami made her move... Off the couch!! So she has her first "shiner". My poor little girl!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

A lesson from my 2, ALMOST 3, year old

If you have talked to me in the past month, you have probably figured out that my life with Grant is getting pretty hard. I am not sure where I have gone wrong, or where I have failed, but he has pushed me to breaking points. I have found myself distraught and looking for quick or easy solutions. Naturally, ones that I know deep down are not the answer. Truth is, I love this little guy, but some days I find I can't do it. This past Tuesday was one of the harder days, and I found myself glad that he had a room that I could put him in. On Wednesday we started out on a bad foot. But I was determined to make it and to also make it a good day. I am slowly learning that Grant mimics what I do, and if I lose control, he does too.

Wednesday came to a close, and it was good. I had hurt my foot pretty bad on a door, and he told me he was sorry, no prompt from me. This was the first time ever that he showed an emotion like that!!

Today was my Birthday. I don't expect everyone to make a fuss over it, but I wanted a certain someone to at least make me feel special. It didn't happen. Yes, the cry baby that I am, sat in my room crying over some stupid day. Grant came in and sat next to me and asked if my leg hurt. I told him no, that my heart hurt. He then put his hand on my chest and said, hurt? I told him yes, and he asked for a hug. Wow. He felt that I was in pain. He quickly got down and left the room. Moments later he returned with a glass of water that he had gotten me. I just hugged him, and was so glad I hadn't given up on him, and that he hadn't given up on me.

I learned some thing from him today. Love. Love doesn't mean that things are always going to be perfect. I am a cry baby, and I whine about things. But it doesn't change the fact that I have a wonderful family, who I love dearly.

Tomorrow will be even better, because I know I can make it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

My kiddo's

I am still amazed that Grant and Cami still adore each other. I thought it was funny to her my mother in law tell me about how Grant had gone down for a nap, and so she placed Cami on the floor a ways away from him. I guess she had rolled over to him and started playing with whatever body part she could get. My MIL moved Cami away, and again, she rolled over to him. She figured out that she can't let Cami play on the floor if Grant is sleeping.

Grant is a good big brother. He is getting better with his words, and will tell me if Cami is crying or sleeping, or just where Cami is. My favorite moments are the ones when Grant doesn't know I'm watching, and he'll hug or kiss Cami.

On our trip to Casa Grande last weekend, they were so funny!! Cami had fallen asleep, and so Grant started screaming "CAMI!! CAMI!!" And she woke up. After a while Grant fell asleep, and Cami just screamed, as if to say, "HEY, you can't sleep!!" I love it!!

This was the sweetest. Last Saturday morning we had decided to go for a hike, just to get out of the house. Mark and I were getting things ready, and we didn't hear anything. We went into the living room and Grant had gotten a basketball and was playing toss with Cami. IT melted my heart.

I love watching them. I know that they will start to fight more as they get older, but I hope they still remain close and good friend!!

Saturday... Sweet Saturday...

Mark's dad, Randy, took the race car out today. Grant proved he could be a big boy, and got to go. Which left me and Cami alone for 8 hours!! It was actually pretty nice to be able to just hold her and play with her, and I think she loved every minute of it too!!

I am not sure who's car he is in, but Mark sent me this picture.... OH BOY, I think he may be addicted now.

I don't have any pictures of Cami and I shopping or cleaning or playing, sorry.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Weekend 2010

This was the first year in over ten years that I didn't have the option of going camping with my family. It seems that everything has changed this past year. Kendi and her family moved, and my parents decided to go to New York for Memorial weekend. So that just left us to do whatever we wanted.

Which was, nothing.

Well it started out that way. We decided that instead of going somewhere, we would buy a WII... A black WII! I have been wanting one for a very long time, but never got one. So we went on Friday and bought it. Nice investment, I must add!!

Sunday we got up, and were hanging out, waiting for church. All of the sudden I told Mark I wanted to go to Casa Grande. He was 100% for this, but his idea was to go up through Safford, to the new temple and over to Megan's, then to my parents. I thought, sure why not, it's only an extra 5 hours. But we had no where to be, so we packed up in 5 minutes and were gone.

Our first stop was the Gila Valley Temple. I love it. We were able to usher for it back in May, but we wanted Grant to be able to see it.

We drove 5 hours out of our way, to be outside for about 20 minutes. It was nice to see though.

Grant and Cami took a few pictures, and then we were back in the car heading towards Megan's.

When we got there, Grant was being really shy. So Aunt Megan suggested they play outside in the sprinklers.

Grant was still playing shy, but he had a good time!!

Cami relaxing out under the tree. Being there made me really want grass!!

Then it was back in the car to my parents. They weren't coming home until that night, so we had plenty of time. On Monday, we woke up and went to Home Depot and Lowe;s. I'm glad my mom was there to help with Grant... He has been trying my buttons lately.

What would be a swimming picture, without showing Mark's farmers tan! Yes, we ended up back at the house swimming. We hung out for a little bit longer and then came back to Sierra Vista and had dinner with the Maroney's.

Can I just say, I missed camping. It was just odd. I miss having Kedni's family around.