Thursday, April 28, 2011

A week behind us

You know ALL those things you don't want your kids to eat?? Yeah, it's all Grant has/will eat... He asks for chips and crackers, but I'm to paranoid to let him.

It's been a rough week. And I have found that the lack of sleep for me has made it harder for me to deal with things. Last night I thought for sure he was bleeding. I got online to see what it says about it. Bad, BAD idea!! It scared me sleepless for the next 6 months!!! Surprisingly, Grant did better last night. He has NOT wanted to take the Tylenol 3 that was prescribed for him, so I'd been giving him regular Tylenol. The medical assistant told me yesterday to force him to take the prescription... Yeah, obviously she's never had a kid. Today he is drinking and seems to be acting a little more like himself, or at least I'm back to telling him no on things he shouldn't be doing. I'm just hoping the next month passes quickly, so I can stop worrying about him bleeding!!

His trip to the ER on Saturday. Which I think helped him a ton!!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Our past 2 days

I was sleeping with Grant tonight, and about 3 AM I was awaken by him stirring. I felt him and he was really hot... 102.6 hot! So I'm up, not able to sleep, sitting here listening to him have a hard time. The doctor on call said it is perfectly normal to run a temp after surgery. Ugh. Not what I want to hear.

Surgery day began Thursday at 4 AM, well for Mark and myself. We woke up and got everything put in the car, dropped Cami off with Grandma Maroney and headed to Tucson for Grant's tonsil/adenoid removal surgery. I was nervous because Grant couldn't have anything to eat or drink, and much to my surprise he didn't ask once for anything. Mark and I refrained from eating or drinking because we didn't want him to feel bad... NOT wise for the pregger lady here!!

When we got to the hospital we didn't have to wait very long for anything. We got called back, and everyone was so friendly to us. Grant loved it!!! I was happy to see that he was calm and understood what was happening. I have spent the last week prepping him for this day. After they took his blood pressure he thought he was done... Poor guy!!!

Dr. Lamear came and briefly talked to us and then left. Soon after the anaesthesiologist came and talked to us about her part. And then she asked for Grant. I gave him a kiss and then he jumped into her arms. She later said he was such a delight the entire time.

We went to the waiting room, and a few minutes later I thought, well I better go to the bathroom in case they need me in the recovery room. WHILE I was using the restroom, the doctor came out and said he was done!! Dr. Lamear said he was happy with how well Grant did. He did say that Grant's adenoids & tonsils were larger than he thought they were and that it should make a big difference. It makes recovery a little easier knowing we did the right thing!

The nurse had explained to me the only way I would get to go to the recovery room is if Grant was crying and they needed me. So my stomach twisted in knots when they came for me. I prepared Grant for this, BUT I was in NO shape to see him like that. He wasn't crying. In fact, he didn't want me to pick him up. He just wanted "5 more minutes" to sleep. All the nurses came over and loved on him. He did SO good. I couldn't have been more proud of him. Sadly, I was getting sick from the smell of everything, and I had to sit and not really be there for him. Next time EAT pregnant lady!!!

We were released before 11, and we headed to the hotel. The doctor requested we stay in Tucson for 2 nights in case something happened. Grant was, well, Grant. He played and acted like himself. He even wanted food, and a lot of it!! It wasn't until a little later that it started hitting him hard. The past 2 nights have been long for Grant and myself, but during the day he is doing really well. And I'm grateful that Mark and my mom are here to watch over Grant so I can catch up on sleep.

We will be going home this morning. I am excited. I really miss Cami, this is the longest I've gone without seeing her!! I'll keep everyone posted on how the rest of the week goes. Smoothly, I'm hoping.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


My week has been busy... Besides setting my yard on fire =)

When we got home from Utah, we started working on our garden. I'm so happy that half of it is in, the rest has been delayed due to some unfortunate events. I was going to finish planting it yesterday, but the 40/50 degree weather made me think twice. It has been an enjoyable thing to do with Grant and Mark. I love that Grant is into it and loves observing the plants growing.

Last Friday we adopted 10 new baby chicks. They have to stay inside until they have grown some more, and keeping the kids away from them is hard business!! I just pray the next 5 weeks goes quickly!

Then last Saturday our cat, Gizmo, gave birth to 5 kittens!! If you've seen our cat, you'd know she isn't big, AT ALL. I am amazed that she had THAT many kittens. Sadly, the day of the fire, she moved her kittens... All but one. Because I am a softy, I took it in and tried to "mother" it as best I could. The next day it died. I can't wait to adopt out the other kittens and then get Gizmo fixed. I am not a fan of all these cats!!

Spring is in full swing now, and I love it! I love the weather change, and the green on the trees. I am happy enjoying these few months before it gets HOT!!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

My perfect day.

Today was a perfect day. I was awaken by my sweet 3 year old, who wanted to snuggle. I woke up feeling great and ready to take on the day.

The kids were wonderful, and I was able to get them all dressed and ready for the day. We went into Sierra Vista and did some shopping, where I scored some great deals! Upon returning home, we came in and had a great lunch. Cami went down without fail and slept for hours! I was even able to sleep. I woke up from my little nap, feeling great. I finished all my gardening, cleaned my house, and made an amazing dinner... With home made french bread that was to die for.

Oh, WHO am I kidding??!! Today marks one of the worse days. EVER. The first part happened, until about, I'd say the gardening. That's when my day got out of control.

I have had a lot of energy lately. More than I've had in a long time. So after I put Cami down for her nap, I figured I would work in the garden. Trash pick up here is only twice a week, and I only had a few weeds to burn. No biggie because we have a fire pit in the backyard, lucky us!!

I went in and got Grant, and Cami was awake. We went outside and were watching the weeds burn. The thought came across my mind, what if something happened? I would not be able to control it... I turned around to walk towards my garden and BAM, the wind blew a gush and my fire was now outside of the pit.

Freaking out, I ran with the hose, which I had on in case I needed it, but the fire was out of my reach. I starting losing it, and started screaming at Grant to go get my phone. He's 3, and in my mind I'm thinking, run... call 911... phone... where is my phone... is it in the kitchen, crud, I don't remember! I turned around to find Grant walking towards me calmly with my phone. I race outside, still not thinking clearly, and called 911. That was the longest 10 minutes of my life!! I had to walk my kids up to the front of my house and wait... And wait.

A little over an hour later the fire was out. It burned 4 acres, but did not hurt any homes or animals.

I am grateful for 4 things.

1. For Grant. He wanted to keep me safe. He knew what he was doing. And he kept me thinking as clearly as possible. And for his little prayer he said as we waited out front.

2. I'm grateful that Mark a year or so ago pulled out a fence post and hadn't repaired it yet. It helped those big trucks (at least 7) get back there... Although they did have to cut some fences, it helped some of them get in.

3. I prayed and prayed that the winds would die down. They didn't. Instead it became overcast really fast. The lead fire fighter said the clouds actually helped them fight the fire, because it made the fire not so hot.

4. Mark. I called him, and what do you say other than, "hey honey, I just set out property on fire, come home, NOW!" He came and he rescued us. He shuffled me and the kids in the car and told me to go to his moms. He took care of everything. Even after the fire fighters left, he walked around making sure that everything was out. Most importantly, he just hugged and hugged me. I feel horrible as it is, and he could plainly see I was hurting. He didn't judge or yell. He made me feel calm and at ease.

I have no doubt I was being watched over today. Grant was standing right by that pit, but the fire didn't burn near that spot until after he walked away. My family and my home are safe. It scared me beyond belief. It's a sensitive issue and I probably won't be talking about for months... well, years to come! But I felt I should probably let my family know, we're ok. Things are ok.

Monday, April 4, 2011

And the rest

The kids and I left for "Utah" on Thursday morning. We stayed the night with my parents that night, and I figured we would stay until Saturday. But when I woke up Friday, I was really sick. I couldn't find anyone to help watch the kids so I could go to the Dr, so I made a drastic, and yeah, stupid choice to just get in the car and start driving to Utah. I can't believe I was so brave and drove 12 hours with 2 kids all by myself. We did stop in Page and stay the night. Actually, it was a pleasant drive, and the kids did so well!!

We got up to Salt Lake on Saturday, and my wonderful Aunt let us stay with her. I was so glad that my cousin, Alison, was there.... Even if it was just for the night. Monday through Wednesday, we pretty much went around visiting old friends, and enjoying the great food Utah has to offer!! We really didn't do much until Mark got there Wednesday night.

I didn't want to sit around and do boring stuff. Most of the "attractions" didn't open until the following weekend, but we did find a few fun things to do! My Aunt Nancy suggested the train museum and then the Air Force museum.

So Thursday we did just that... And Grant was in heaven!!!

At Hill Force Museum.

On Friday we decided to do some shopping. We headed to Murray, and stopped at Schmitt's pastry ship. OHHHH NELLY, their cinnamon rolls were to DIE for, and they were SO big!! I couldn't finish mine.

While at the mall, we noticed that it started snowing again (the entire trip was cold and wet)!! By the time we got back to my Aunts, the ground was covered...

So we had a little fun...

And some more....

Ok, Ok, it was great to play in it!! But it was even better to go into a warm house!!

We left Saturday afternoon. Grant didn't even hit Nephi before he was sick. I felt really bad for the guy. He had no color and couldn't keep anything he ate or drank in him. He was sick for days!!! We finally found out the poor guy had strep throat, what a hard way to end a trip. But we had a great time, and it was nice to get away. But in the words of Grant, I miss(ed) my bed... ;)