Wednesday, August 24, 2011

One Month

Kara is 1 month!! It hasn't flown by. We are still learning about each other, and getting adjusted to life. These past 2 weeks have been better, and she is starting to be more on a schedule. But I'd like to state that she has a pair of lungs, and BOY does she use them!!
On Friday, she offically smiled at me for the first time!! Oh it melted my heart and made the struggling more doable. She is getting use to this crazy world, and in return, isn't as fussy. Although, she is like her brother, and does not like to sleep! Cami we could just put down and she would be out. I have to work with Kara to get her to pass out. Oh the joys of newborns =)


Grant had been put down on a waiting list for the school districts preschool. They called me a week before school started to let me know that Grant could attend! I was so excited, and Grant, well he was off the walls!!

The school provides a bus ride to and from school every day! When I'd ask him if he wanted me to take him for his first day, he told me, "No Mom, I want to ride the bus." And so I let him. He wasn't even scared!!

They had a meet the teacher day, and we took him. He walked in and introduced himself to everyone in the class, and wanted to know their names. He is so going to be my future school president!!
I am so upset!! I took a ton of pictures with my camera, but when I downloaded them, they weren't there!!! So I guess this is the picture I get to keep to remember his first day of preschool!


I realize I've been laggin' with my blog, but it seems there is so much else I need to do, but that stuff never gets done either! So here is my attempt to get a few post up!

Every day, Cami and I go outside to wait for the bus to drop Grant off. These past few days have been really stormy about the same time. Yesterday, we went out and watched the rain. Cami was so happy when it finally stopped!! Because mommy let her do this.......
She's cute, how can you tell her no all the time??