Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My Poor Punkies

You know that moment when you think, "MAN that had to hurt??" My poor Kara has had many this past month. It started the last weekend in Sept. Kara had been playing at an Aunt's house, and I guess she fell... Resulting in her (and really the 1st of her siblings) first black eye. I felt horrible! It looked like it hurt. Not even a week later, she was running around with Grant, and had a PVC pipe in her hand. She, of course, tripped and it jabbed her lower jaw. Resulting in a round scab. Then, yes THEN, the following weekend she had been playing outside and came into our chickens poop. We thought we had cleaned her up, but Tuesday night she became really sick. Sick, as in, really sick. I had a bad feeling and so I got her in to see the dr first thing. By this point Kara wasn't eating or drinking, and had a temp of 103. I had mentioned that she had come into contact with the chicken poop, but the Dr didn't really say anything. But she mentioned that if she didn't get any better in a few hours to take her to the ER. So we waited. And I kept having that nagging feeling, to take her in. I called Mark and he met me there. I have never, EVER, had such horrible services. We were told it was by priority, and that I should expect to wait. We waited for 4 and half hours. When the dr finally came into the back, he told me I shouldn't have brought her in and forced liquid down her, like the do in 3rd world countries. By the time she was pretty dehydrated, and it took 2 bags to get her back up there. They had to drip blood from where the IV was to get blood for her labs. I was SO not impressed by these people. But they told us that she was fine, and released us. She continued to be sick until that following Sunday. On Wednesday, my peds Dr called to tell me that they had received her bowl labs back, and she had salmonella poisoning. 7 days later, she is finally back to my punkies.
Last Wednesday, she also had an appointment with a pediatric GI specialist. Since the very beginning, she was spit up really bad. A few months ago, we switched her to soy milk. While this helped a little with her spitting up, her bowls still remained not normal. She is also lower that 25% for her height and weight. Anyways, they had to put her on special formula, and are now running some pretty crazy test. But I can tell you this. I look at her, and my heart goes soft. She lights up our whole house, and is just my little punkies. Her personality is so big, and she makes us all laugh. I am lucky to have her!! And I am so in love!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


(Grant LOVES taking pictures... this is his self portait) This has been a difficult week and a half. But I can honestly say that they have been extremely huge teaching moments. It first started with the death Nick Ivie. If you've known me since I've moved to Sierra Vista, you've know it's been hard for me to be out going and make friends. However, Christy (Nick's wife) befriended my earily on. She has always been thoughtful of me, and what I might need. So when I heard of his death, it stung, and I hurt for her. I quickly just broke down into tears after learning of what had happened. Grant came in, and asked what was wrong. I told him that someone I knew had been killed. That was enough for him for the moment. A day or two later, he noticed that the flags were half massed. He asked why they were. I explained to him in greater deal why it was a big deal. That there were two little girls that were without a dad, and that he was in Heaven, and not coming back. He asked who had killed him, and I explained (at the time it was believed that they were illegal drug runners) some bad guys had done this. In a soft voice he asked me how bad people are made. I was able to talk to him about temples, and how we choice right from wrong, and that people decide to be bad... Unlike the super hero shows he watches. Fast forward to yesterday. We were coming into town, and he asked me why did Heavenly Father EVER make skunks, because they smell so bad! I laughed, and I was able to explain to him again that the animals didn't start off like this. And I told him the story of Adam and Eve. He loves asking questions. More than that, I love that he wants to learn more about the gospel, and really has a desire to be more like Jesus. He is my example. I now know why they say to be more like a child. Meek and Humble.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Tractor Fun.

We have lived in our home almost a year. Our goal, early on, was to borrow a tractor from one of Mark's friends. After nagging Mark enough, he went and picked it up. It was short lived, because the tractor had to go back the week we got it. So every night Mark made the best of it, and tore out at least 10 trees!! We have a few more up front that need to come out, so that we can put a circle drive in, but I am stil happy!! And of crouse, Daddy can't work on it unless Grant is with him. They had a good time just pulling tree's out =)
Kara LOVING the dirt. FYI, I do not let my children run around outside without clothes on. I had ran out to take a picture of the boys, and she quickly escaped!
Cami does not like loud noises. She kept clear.
This is one of the few reasons I love Sierra Vista, and why I love living where I do!