Thursday, June 30, 2011


On our trip up to Grandma and Grandpa Bingham's, Grant learned some new tricks. My dad was in the pool for at least an hour a day with him, and on Saturday he spent 3 hours with him in the pool. I had left and came back to this...
My little boy could swim with floaties on!!! He changed completely and is so confident about the water now.
Yes, my little fish who loves to "super" jump! Good job Grant!!!


About two weeks ago my lap top computer died, making it harder for me to blog. So please bare with me!!

On Sundays June 12th, I went outside in the afternoon, probably around 4, to water my garden. It was then that I noticed some smoke. It wasn't terrible, but it did catch my eye. After everyone came out to look at it, we went inside to listen to the radio about it. They did confirm that a fire had been started in Coronado National Park, which has been closed because of extreme fire danger. I asked Mark if we should put together a 72 hour kit (as we've been talking about doing it for some time) and he felt that it wouldn't get to us and not to really worry.

Monday came. The fire spread. But it was still a good distance from us, roughly 5ish miles south, but in the mountains. On Tuesday I became a little more concerned as the fire pushed north, and they began evacuating communities just south of us. I decided that we should probably go to the Maroney's and sleep, because I didn't want to deal with the smoke.

On Wednesday we were put on pre-evacuation notice. This entire time I kept thinking and telling people to not worry, it would never get to us because we're a few miles from the mountain. The kids and I had come home on Wednesday to get some rest, and that afternoon I started to feel a little panic. We had gone outside to go run some errans and the smoke was almost over my house. Again, we decided to go to Grandpa Maroney's. The next morning I came out to the house to get some things, and to water my garden really good. It was there that I learned that we were upgraded to manadtory evacuation. REALLY?!?! I only grabbed a few things to get us through the next few days... Because honestly, those things couldn't happen to me!

We decided to go to my parents for the weekend. On Thursday night we learned that the fire had jumped the highway just south of where we lived, and that it was burning a lot of land a mile south of our home. However, they were able to contain it and put it out.

We came home Sunday afternoon, and as we were getting off the freeway (30 miles north of the fire) it just looked like a bomb had gone off! By the time we had gotten to the Maroney's, the fire had jumped the highway again, but this time it was around our home. We sat listening to the scanners, and I was glued to the computer. How could this happen... Especially to me! I guess deep down I was grateful that I had burned my land a few months ago. The reports came out the next day that they had lost a lot of homes, but ours was spared. We were finally able to come home that Tuesday. The fire burned in a wash just down our street, but didn't get to to close.

I am counting my blessing, and giving thanks to Heavenly Father for saving our things. They could mostly all be replaced, but it would have been hard starting new again. Let's now pray for LOTS AND LOTS of rain!!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Like Daddy

Oh my little boy!! He loves his mommy, and in no way am I insecure about it. In fact, I've noticed that he only snuggles with me, and is affectionate with just girls. But I've observed something about this little boy...

He LOVES his Daddy!! A week or two ago he got dressed and put on Mark's boots, and then Mark's hat. He then informed me he was going to work. I asked him where, and his reply was, "with Daddy". Every time Daddy is around, nothing else matters to Grant. He wants to be just like Daddy!
This morning, like many Saturday mornings, Mark had to work on a car. It just so happened that it was changing Mark's oil on his truck. Naturally, Grant had to get out his tools, and help Daddy!! And for the most part, Mark is pretty relaxed about letting him come help him.
Doesn't it make you feel safe seeing this big truck up on wood like that?? But I have to trust Mark, and what he is doing... They had a good time together.
This afternoon while making lunch, Grant told me to come look at him. This is what I found, "just like Daddy". It warms my heart to know that this little boy has such a great man to look up to, and that he wants to be just like his Daddy!!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

Mark asked me early on in the week if he should take Friday off. At first we had wanted to go camping, but then we decided against it. I left it up to him on whether he took it off or not... And I'm glad he decided not to.

Because we got up Saturday and worked. He worked on a friends car, and while the kids and I watched him. After Cami was done napping we went in and hung out with the Maroney's.

The next morning, I wasn't surprised that Mark wanted to go to Casa Grande. But like last year, no one was there... So we took advantage of it!! We swam a lot of the day, and then Mark made up some great elk steak.

Cami was not really a fan of the swimming part. I was surprised because she loves water, but she didn't love the pool!! She sat there and screamed every time one of us swam away.

Grant and Daddy were a different story though!!! They loved it. Grant just loved being in the water, as long as he wasn't asked to go out with mommy or daddy.

After we were done in Casa Grande, we headed back home and had a great afternoon with the Maroney's. I must say, my in laws sure can cook!!!

So again, another year where we worked... I miss camping, but I liked the relaxing part of this past weekend!! Although, it didn't last long.

(Yeah, I know, he is so cute!! When we made chocolate cup cakes on Saturday, he told me he was having fun, but he wanted to go to Grandma's... What am I chop liver ;D)

Swimming lessons

Someone not knowing how to swim, just seems odd to me. It also seems odd to take "swimming" lessons, especially paying for them! As far back as I can remember, I lived in the pool during the summer months. Swimming just is natural to me. However, being in Sierra Vista, we aren't around a lot of pools, and I want my children to be safe around water. So...

Grant started swimming lessons yesterday!! Both Mark and I were a little worried on how he would do, considering we were swimming in my parents pool this past weekend and he was afraid to get off the step!!

BUT he did wonderfully!! He listens to Mrs. Karen, even though she has to divide her attention among 5 other students. Today they worked on going under the water, and I was amazed that Grant liked it!! He has swimming lessons every week day until the end of the month... Let's hope he learns to swim =)