Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Happy 3rd Birthday Princess!!

In the midst of Kara being sick, my other baby girl turned 3! I wanted her to have a great birthday, and though it didn't turn out like I had imagined, she still had a great time. She decided she wanted a princess party. And that is what she got.
Don't look to close... I am still learning and by the time I was ready to decorate the barbie, I was flustered and just threw some frosting on.
Cami is such a delight! She has just enough of me to not question that she is mine. But Cami loves to dress up and is into all the girlie things, like painting her nails, and getting her hair done. Cami is by far my most laid back child. She's easy going, and likes to go with the flow. She loves, LOVES, nursery and playing with other kids. I am amazed with her, because she loves to introduce herself to everyone. I am so glad she came to my family!! I love you Cami Joanne!!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Trick or treat

Grant really wanted to be "bones" for Halloween.. But we figured he wouldn't fit into Mark's dragon costume next year, so he excitedly wore his daddy's costume from when he was a little boy!
Halloween was a good day for us! I filled in for Copper Queen Hospital for 2 weeks, but Grant's kindergarten teacher had also approached me about being their classroom mom, and if I would be willing to plan something for them to do. I wasn't sure how I was going to make it work, but everything ended up working out. I had some games planned out, and also pumpkin painting. I think that for the most part, everyone had fun. I had gone to the school a little early to have lunch with Grant. I am so blessed to be able to do these things, not only with Grant, but also my girls.
After we were done with the party, we went to pick up my cute princess and bumble bee. We headed to Grandma Maroney's and had our annual hot wings dinner... Which of course did NOT disappoint!
After which, we headed out to trick or treat. Cami insisted that she ride on the stroller to EVERY house. I have been waiting to hear the "trick or treat, smell my feet", and I thought it would be from Grant... But it was Cami who learned it first!! Crazy! Overall, we had a great time and there was plenty of candy to be had!!