Thursday, July 28, 2011

Last, but not least

I would suppose that the story began Tuesday. I went to my doctors appointment and had told her about my contractions. To my surprise, she told me that if I was having more than 5/6 an hour, to go to the hosptial, and she would do a c section then... in her words, "why wait?". This made me excited, and it also stopped all the contractions!
On Thursday, I woke up and started on the house. Much to my surprise, I was able to get almost all of it clean, and it was a deep clean. I texted Mark and a few other people telling them that the baby could come, because the house was ready... One reply was, well you better have it in the next 24 hours or follow your kids around for the next 5 days. Which was completely true! That night Mark and I watched a movie, and I began noticing the contractions. They didn't hurt, but they were 5/6 an hour. I waited 3 hours and around midnight I woke Mark up and told him to call his mom.
She came out and we headed to the hospital. When I got there they put me in triage and had me wait... and the contractions kept coming, and coming. Around 5 (by this point I was upset because I could have stayed home, and let Mark sleep) it was sounding like they were going to be sending me home. I will admit it, I was annoyed beyond anything!!! I already had an IV in, and I was ready to have this baby!!
They had a nurse change and the new nurse told me she wanted to put us into a room, so that we could rest. We weren't being admitted, but she felt bad. So around 6:30 we were put into a private room. Not long after my doctor showed up. She was hung go, and said let's have a baby. Great, right?? Yeah, I began to panic and get extremely nervous. Mark was a rock, and tried to calm me down.

At 8:30 I walked into the OR, and once I had the spinal block, I was at ease. Kara Beth Maroney was born at 8:51 am, weighing in at 6 pounds 14 ounces and was 20 inches long. My first thought when I saw her was, well she looks just like her sister!!!
They escorted both Kara and Mark out. I remember a few things. A. They had to give me a shot to make my uterus contract, I guess that's not very normal. B. My doctor asking me to not have any more children because my uterus could not handle any more. WOW. I guess I figured that everything would always be ok, but here I was being told this would be it. I won't, or can't, lie, it was hard to take. Still is. However, I have been blessed with 3 healthy and beautiful children. I, in no way, can be selfish and try to have another one. My children need me, and I can't take a risk like that.

Kara is healthy. We are still learning about her, and it has been so much fun. I find myself trying to take in every moment, more so than with my others. Grant and Cami love her to death!! It makes me so happy to see them with her, and their desire to be near her all the time. I can only hope this transistion will continue to be easy.

Welcome to our crazy family Kara. We love you!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The day I've been waiting for!!!

OK, so it isn't a baby. BUT I have dreamt of sitting down to a meal and having everything out of my garden on the table. I know, I should have dressed up the table with better bowls and stuff... I'm working on that!! So what made it better???
We had these for dinner as well!! That means ALMOST (I'd say 98%) everything we ate tonight we "grew". I said I'd never do pork again, but it was worth it tonight!

Love at Home

While getting ready for my doctors appointment this morning, I heard silence from my children... Which usually means that they are up to no good. I came out and found this:
Can I really complain??? For once it's not Grant stealing Cami's blanket and teasing her with it... And it's not Cami stealing some of Grant's food and running down the hall screaming bloody murder because she knows her brother is chasing behind her.
With all the teasing, and fighting that goes on here during the day, I love the moments when they love each other. They really are best friends!!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where this is headed......

Oh my.

I have this little girl, who can put on the face to melt your heart, and in return she tries to get out of trouble. She understands way more than I remember Grant being able to at this age (but my memory has gone south since being pregnant). Her vocabulary has exploded, and all of the sudden it seems that she is saying new words every day, but you have to listen closely to understand them. With this has come a world of sass. My mother in law had her yesterday and come to find out Cami cried and threw a fit for 5 minutes because she didn't want to get in her car seat. She does this with me, however I place one of my arms across her lap and then strap her in... Which results in a HUGE melt down for the entire 20 minute ride home. And when something doesn't work like she wants it to, she starts yelling in words that I don't understand, probably best I don't!

But with it all, she is still the cutest little girl, ever. My favorite thing is that she gets so excited about anything, and I mean anything. I started pulling baby stuff out and she was acting like it Christmas morning. I'm sure she learned this from her brother...... Oh her and her brother! He is her best friend, and she wants to be every where he is. On our way home yesterday Grant fell asleep. I looked over at Cami and she had her head all the way to one side and was pretending to sleep. I love that she loves him so much, and that together they are the bestest friends, well most of the time.

Cami is so much fun, and most of the time very easy going. But she is starting to get her, for a better word, sass. And when she breaks out with it, it makes me think about where this is all heading...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


35 weeks, 5 days, and still counting. This picture was taken at 34 weeks, but you get the drift of it.
I am surprised how different this pregnancy is compared to the other two. For the longest time I was in denial, and I refused to face the music. But baby Maroney is not letting me forget right now HOW pregnant I am (or feel!). I've gained 10 pounds less than I did with Grant and Cami, and I'm hoping it stays right there. Mark and I have a very comfortable bed, well at least I thought so until about 2 weeks ago. Now every time I get in it my hips ache and I want to cry because of the pain. The only comfort I have is the couch, which gives me a strong reminder that they need to be cleaned, and soon!!! I won't even get into the heat, because it's enough said. I've started doing the pregnancy shuffle when I walk, and I try SO hard not to. But in this heat, I honestly have to remind myself to take a step and then another one. This pregnancy is different, in the fact that right now I don't really want to eat. Nothing, NOTHING sounds good to me. Wait, I take it back, ice water sounds great all the time.

This baby is getting ready to come into this world. At 32 weeks we had another ultrasound and it is measuring big, almost 3 weeks ahead big. The tech told us that it had a big head and big cheeks, thanks Mark for that ;). I just had my start of weekly visits to my doctor. Man, I really like her, and I feel that I'm in good hands. She had scheduled my c-section for the 29th, but moved it up 2 days, and yes I was excited. She did say she would probably take the baby early, if, and I mean IF, I go into labor on my own. Which I'm sure my body doesn't know how to do.

So here's to the next 20 days, and trying to get everything done that I need (or want) to get done!!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

We had a quiet 4th of July. I know I should be letting my kids run around, and play in the water, and all of that fun stuff. But we just did things around the home. Later we went to Jack and Patty's for dinner. It was nice to watch the kids play. My body just hurts quite a bit right now, so I liked that they were able to get out and play.

While the kids were napping and Mark was making ice cream, I made sugar cookie dough, in hopes the kids would decorate them when they woke up. However, we ended up just heading into town. So today (the 5th) I made up for it, and we decorated them.
Grant being the older one got what to do, Cami on the other hand just enjoyed the extra sugar! Gosh, I love her, and I say that with the biggest grin!!
I guess they didn't understand the only decorating the cookies...
My little diva. She is just a poser. Whenever she sees a camera, she cheeses right up.
What is not to love about this face???

Monday, July 4, 2011

Don't be a hater

Don't be a hater because her hair curls into perfect rings with the humidity. Just because I spend tons of money to find ways to get my hair to curl like that.... Yeah, she's pretty lucky!!