Monday, April 13, 2009

Adventures in a day... And a half!!

What a fast weekend!! I had gotten this great idea of “getting” away. Mark has never been to the beach or seen the ocean, and so I thought going to San Diego would be so much fun. Please don’t get me wrong, we had a great time, but it was fast and hard! I don’t think I realized how hard it is traveling with Grant. Sleeping was the biggest chore and I’m pretty sure I came close to walking away, Grant hated sleeping in the hotel… Or Grandma Bingham’s… Or anywhere!
So we left Friday evening around 5. Grant did a great job traveling!! I was very proud of him!! We arrived in San Diego around 1 AM, and right away Grant was awake and NOT wanting to go back to bed. I fought with him for about 2 and half hours and I finally gave him his sippy and he went to sleep. I was finally able to go to sleep at 4:30ish. I can’t complain because Grant “slept” in until 7:30. We had breakfast at the hotel, and then we were off.
We decided to go to the San Diego Zoo. That place is massive!! Mark loved being there, and Grant actually watched the animals and enjoyed it for the most part. We walked so much, I can’t believe how tired I got from it!!

After lunch we drove back to the hotel, where I fought some more with Grant, and finally put him in the car so he would take a nap. I drove back after about 15 minutes and he slept!! We slept for about 2 hours, which was heaven for me! After we woke up, we headed to the beach. Mark seemed unimpressed, but I loved being there. Grant did NOT like the water. I think over all, I was the only one who wanted to be there.

So we left and had some dinner. We got back to the hotel room, where again I fought with Grant to go to sleep. Mark was out by 7:15 and Grant finally went down about 8. We then left Sunday morning to come back to Casa Grande. I really can’t complain. This trip was about being with my family. I enjoy being with Mark and Grant. And it was fun to be somewhere where Mark had never been. I can’t wait to go to Disneyland, but I will be sure to NOT plan it over just a weekend!!


Rioux Family said...

You came to California and didn't visit me?!

Kendi said...

Looks like an adventure for sure! Vacationing is never the same once you have children but that is what will make for great memories later! I'm glad you were able to get away for the weekend.

P.S. I really like your hair! Very cute!!!

ScottNLili said...

I hope you dont mind..but I lurked your blog :)
You look fantastic!! Doctors dont know anything about gaining weight. I hated being sick! I felt the same way till i hit 16 weeks, then poof! I was better. I hope you continue to improve, im excited for you guys! You look so happy, and im happy for you!
Good Luck!