Monday, March 7, 2011

Who looks like who?

I always get stopped and told that Cami looks just like her mommy. When I look at her, I don't see it, I see well the cutest little thing that walked the earth. At Mark's uncle's funeral, all of Mark's Aunts said that Cami looked just like Ruth when she was a baby. But then I have people insisting that Cami looks just like Mark... Who looks like who??

This is me at 6 months. Cami does have some of the same facial features.

(Can I just brag?? I married the cutest man ever!!!)

I haven't seen baby baby pictures of Ruth... But I do think that Mark looks like a Thude. Therefore, Cami looks like Mark, who looks like Ruth, who looks like... Hmmm, I'm not 100% sure on that. But I think that everyone wins when they says "Cami looks like..."

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Alison said...

I agree with you Rachel, when I see Cami I just see the cutest little girl ever.