Thursday, February 12, 2009

I have two awesome sisters. Sadly, we don't have a picture of just the three of us. I think it is funny that only Megan and I have similar looks. BUT call Kendi, Megan or me up, and you'd have a hard time figuring out who is who (unless you really know us). When I lived with my parents, people would call and think I was Kendi. And there have been many times when Megan or I, have pretended to be the other person on the phone. Fun stuff.

I look at both of them, and am inspired and amazed at who they are. I look at Kendi, and I look up to the type of person she is. If I was ANYTHING like her, it would be a great thing. I love her so much, and am blessed to have her as my older sister. I hope that I can be like her, she is a great role model. Kendi had tried many times to teach me about make-up and doing my hair when I was younger... Now I'm teaching her ;)

Megan... Not sure where that cookie came from. But my life would NOT be the same without her. Yes, as a little girl she beat me up. My little sister could take me down in a heart beat, and she often did. I love her so much, I honestly did not want to ever hurt her. I was always quick to take care of her. I remember one night when she was probably 8, she was sleeping on the floor in our room (we shared a bed that my nieces Erin & Macy now share), anywho, I heard a noise, and turned the light on. She was sleeping, but had thrown up. I got her up and cleaned up after her. She really is my best friend, and I love her beyond anything!!

I Am
I am... trying to be everything to everyone.
I think... yeah, way to much.
I want... to be a stay home mommy & wife, more than anything in this world!!
I have... the best family!
I miss... working at the Wayne Jones company.
I fear... something happening to Mark or Grant.
I hear...
I crave... SLEEP!!
I cry... more than I should!
I regret... to many things.
I search... the Internet.
I wonder... what my Grant is up too right now.
I wish... that our cars were paid off, SOON!
I love... My little family, and of course my extended!!
I care... about getting everything taken care of for my little family.
I always... tell Mark and Grant that I love them as much as possible!
I worry... about my weight and losing it!!
I am not... stuck up.
I remember... Having so much fun with Kim and Amber in High School.
I believe... that I truly have been blessed!
I sing... REALLY loud in the car.
I don't always... do the dishes like I should.
I argue... rarely.
I write... a journal for Grant.
I lose... money when I'm in the Gap.
I listen... to my priesthood holder, Mark.
I can usually be found... at home, or at work.
I need... more time in the day for my family.
I forget... to make the bed.
I am thankful... that I am who I am, and where I am!


mbing20 said...

Tear tear!!!

Heidi said...

Welcome to the family........
See ya 3/7

Aunt Heidi....(I'm Ruthie's youngest sister)