Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Blossoms of Blessings

Mark and I have this horrible habit at night. We always bring the lap top in bed and look at different things. Last night I received an email from my older sister, Kendi, who had gotten an email from my dad. As I wad telling Mark the story behind the email, my heart sank and I couldn't help but cry. My cousin Katie was diagnosed with breast cancer a few years ago. I was sad to hear the news that the cancer had come back.

As anyone can imagine the financial burden is heavy. My Aunt Janice and her daughters (very VERY creative daughters... must have skipped the Alan Bingham family) has set up a blog for her. I invite you to visit and read her story.

I wish the best out come for her, and my prayers are with her and her family as they battle this together!!

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darcee said...

THank you for having a late night bad habit! (ha) Thanks for the link!