Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Lucky's Day!!!

For the past couple of years, this time of year has always been strange for me. I look back, and it has never truly been that lucky for me. I will always fill this way on this week every year, but each year it gets less and less of an issue. To think that two years ago I was pregnant and facing some pretty hard decisions… Just two years ago! But I do have so many reasons to be thinking I am lucky (or rather blessed!)
Last night, I laid next to Mark, with him sleeping, and a few tears made its way to my eyes. How lucky am I to have such an awesome and caring husband? Let me list for you just some of the reasons I am completely and TOTALLY in love with this man!!
1. We sleep almost in the same exact position… not to mention we don’t like cuddling as we fall asleep!
2. We are so much alike, and yet have so many differences
3. He is so cute, and I love his little boy looks!!
4. He loves me regardless of anything, and he is quick to remind me
5. Fatherhood means more to him than just standing there
6. He has a genuine love and affection for Grant
7. He does drive a sexy truck, AND even lets me drive it, and tells me I look hot when I drive it… He tells me this any ways, but still…
8. He comes from a great family. He has great examples all around him, and it shows. He is a testament of his parents parenting. He’s a great man, thank you Ruth and Randy!
9. He changes stinky diapers (I sure could use him now though!)
10. Things never go left undone. If I ask if he can help with something, he does it! He is a great help to me!
11. Mark never, ever, EVER complains! But he allows me to rant and rave about anything and everything! He never complains that I complain too much!!
12. He is a great cook. AND he even cooks for me, when I let him!
13. He peels me grapefruit and lemons
14. Nothing to him is “his”, but rather “ours”
15. Since the time we have known each other, we have never fought. But he is still quick to say he’s sorry, even when he hasn’t done anything
16. He likes everything about me. My weight or body has never been an issue for him.
17. He wants a cow and chickens just as much as I do!
18. This baby is as exciting to him as it is to me. To him, we have been married 20 months (Grant is 19 months).
19. We have the same taste in music… mostly food (when I’m not pregnant) and we both LOVE salsa!!
20.He understands that I’d rather do other things than clean our house. My time with him and Grant is short, and he knows that. AND he helps with the house!!

Mark truly is amazing. My family really likes him, and that says everything to me! This St. Patrick’s day, I am really lucky, and I know that. I cannot wait to be married to him for all time and eternity! This is the first time in years that I haven’t been completely gloomy!! I LOVE YOU MARK MARONEY!!!


Rioux Family said...

You're so cute, and I'm happy for you. Oh, and by the way....when I pulled up this page that picture where you say you don't like your butt, Matt said "niiice butt!" hahahaha

Bingham said...

I loved reading this post, it brought true joy to my day. I am so happy that you are enjoying the many blessing you deserve in your life.

ps. I need to continue sending you more of those picts. They look darn cute on your blog. :)

Salazar Family said...

I can not tell you how happy it makes me to see you so happy! I love this post and I am glad that you wrote about it!!

Heidi said...

I'm so happy for the three, no 3.5 of you.