Friday, September 11, 2009

Baby Update

I HATE pictures of myself... But I don't like not knowing what I look like. Yesterday Mark and I were out and a girl passed, and I had to ask him if we were about the same size. He just shrugged, and said I was a little smaller (it was an "OK" answer). A few minutes later, we realized she wasn't even pregnant!! Oops!

I had yet another Dr's appointment this past Wednesday. I know in past blogs I've mentioned that I don't like my doctor, however, I have really grown to like her. She is very straight forward, and I know that I will be taken care of. She has not said anything about my weight gain, mainly because one visit I won't have gained anything and the next visit I will have gained 4 pounds (DUMB cookie dough that calls my name!!). I figure I weigh what I did when I had Grant, so I'm doin' ok... Just the thought of losing it AGAIN is frustrating.

Back to my appointment. While I was in there I asked her nurse (who totally rocks, and is rather amusing) what time my c-section was scheduled for on the 23rd of October. She got this shocked look, and said she hadn't scheduled it yet. I jokingly said she could move the date up if she wanted too. By this time Dr. Patterson had come into the room and we began talking about the fact that it hadn't been scheduled. She just looked at me and asked if I would mind changing it to October 21, Wednesdays are her surgery days... Ok, so it's NOT that big of a difference (12 days early, they took Grant 10 days early), but I was SO excited! That means that today I only have 36 more days!! The only bad side is that my mom can't be here. She will have to come the day after. She was there when Grant was born, and it seems weird to not have her here. But when she does come down, at least she won't have to go to the hospital to see Cami. So here is the run down of what I have left:
  • 36 days

  • 25 more days of actual work

  • 5 weeks and 1 day

  • 5 more Saturdays


Alison Hixson said...

I just can't believe that she is going to be here in such a short time. How did it go so fast?! You should ask if you can have her on the 16th! I know it is too early for her, but it would be awesome for me! ;)

Brenda Sue said...

You look GREAT!!!!!! I am so happy for you!! I can't wait to see pictures of her!

darcee said...

Good for you for taking pictures. It is a reality I could never stand while I was pregnant but I always wished afterward I would have done. You look good for having only one month left!

Good luck on your last month! Having an exact date is probably easier emotionally than wondering when in the world the little tyke will arrive.

Amber said...

dude, for 8 months you look great. Now if you weren't pregnant, I'd have to tell you to lay of the cookie dough for a while

Salazar Family said...

Yay, how exciting!! It really has gone by so fast! And your baby belly is so cute! Wish you were here so I could visit cute little Cami after she's born!