Thursday, February 4, 2010

Yep, he's ours!!

Anyone who really knows Mark or myself, knows that we really enjoy spicy food. Mark had a meeting tonight, so I figured I would take advantage of it, and make sandwiches. I pulled everything out, including the peperoncini's. I do not eat a lot of these, because I love Cami, and I love her not screaming. But I figured, what will one do??

Grant saw the bottle and wanted one. He has never had one, and so I told him no, that they were to hot. Grant is the type that when he wants to try something... He will do it! I tried putting these in order, because it was so funny!!

He licked it at first, and had this weird face, and took a drink.

Then he went back for some more... Then took another drink... And then went back for some more.

When I was pregnant with Grant, I ate A LOT of hot things. The girls at IDS always use to tell me that they thought he was going to come out beat red... He didn't, but he did acquire my taste buds!!


Angela and Moe said...

That's HILARIOUS! How often do you see a kid his age eating something like that and liking it?!!

mbing20 said...

I cant even eat those!!!!!!! Im impressed grant!!!!

ScottNLili said...

I remember that!! I swore he was going to be born with a smoldering head of hair or something crazy. He is so cute!