Monday, December 19, 2011

Kara's 4 months

I realize that she will be 5 months in 2 days, but I wanted to put up some things that she is now doing. I forgot how quickly they change, and she too is no different. Novemeber 30th, she rolled for the first time. She knew what she wanted to do, and did. The next day, she started going from her tummy to her back. Again, she knew she wanted to roll, and she did it.

I took her in for her 4 month check up last week and she was 12 pounds 13 oz, 23 inches long. I haven't enjoyed the kids doctor down here, and so I took her to a new dr, and all I can say is I love him so much more!

She is still pretty cranky, and wakes up every 2-3 hours during the night. But she does have some good moments during the day. Her hair looks like it is coming in, and it appears to be a strawberry blond. I just look at her, and think, WOW, she does look a lot like me. Hopefully, she won't be the handful that I was.

We love having her around. I'd say Kara loves me the most (so sad, right ;D) and then loves LOVES Grant. But she is getting better with Mark and Cami. Mark is sitting behind me and commented that she tolerates him. I love it! Happy 4 months!

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