Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Yeah, cause I'm THAT kind of mom!

First of all, HAPPY NEW YEAR!! It is so sad, because a week before Christmas, my camera stopped working. All. Together. (Thanks crummy cannon). The holidays weren't to bad, and I can't complain, because the kids were all happy, more to come on that.

I am watching Kara right now, and I am amazed by how much she has changed this past month. Like my other kids, I have given in and allowed them to try some of the best things on earth, sweets. Cause, yeah, I am THAT kind of mother.
Let me just say this. I haven't always been a fan of cream puffs, mainly because I've only had them in a box out of the frozen food section. This was true, until, I met Alison. All I can say is that I married into this family to really see how food is suppose to taste.
Alison's cream puffs do. not. disappoint. Whoever marries this girl, is going to be lucky (and may end up chunky ;D). Kara has been interested in food, and loves sweet potatoes, green beans, banana's, and now she loves her Aunts cream puffs. And may I add, she was soooo angry with me because I ate the rest of the cream puff and didn't let her finish it.
All of my children have loved eating oreo's, especially early in life. Can you blame them?? It's not as if we wake up saying, man 6 oz of formula or breast milk sounds great. Yes, it is true my kids have a sweet tooth, but who really doesn't? My belief though is in moderation.
For New Years eve, Kara was given one oreo. To which, she loved. I love this last picture because it appears that Kara is trying to eat the cookie politely. She wasn't. But hey, at least she had her fun while the bigger kids had fun of their own.

Because I'll admit it... I AM THAT KIND OF MOM!! =)

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Rioux Family said...

Hurrah! Nothing wrong with sweets hehe ;)