Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Big boy times!!

With Cami approaching pretty quick, Mark and I decided it was time to move Grant into a "big" boy bed! Two or three Sundays ago, we finally took the final plunge and took his crib down completely. I really should say that Mark took it down while I pouted.

Grant thought it was the greatest thing ever!! Little did he know that this would be permanent!

Watching daddy do his thing!!

Grant thought of this more as play-time more than anything!!

What happened that night?? Grant did NOT want to go to sleep. I had to rock him to sleep. I am so grateful for a mom who has gone through this already and speedily gave us advise of locking him in his room. At first I thought it was mean, but I soon learned that Grant knew where his bed was, and he just needed to get use to it. So far he goes to bed on his own just fine, but gets up 2 to 3 times a night... I'm sure he'll get more use to it and sleep ALL night again!!!

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Kathy said...

Grant is getting so big