Thursday, July 16, 2009

Heart Wonders

I just wanted to do a really quick post about my heart. In my last blog, I mentioned not being abloe to love another baby like I love Grant, and I think it was misconstrued. Back before I had Grant, I had a lot of similar feelings, and as soon as I saw him, it was love at first sight... And of course before! I was simply stating that I'm amazed at the heart, and it's ability to love and care for these little spirits! I am very excited to be Cami's mom!! I know that I will love her as much as I love Grant, it's just hard to imagine right now.

Ok, another heart matter... Friday July 18, 2008, I met Mark Maroney for the 1st time! We had met on about a month and half earlier. I am not sure what made him start talking to me, but he was actually like the 2 guy to start talking to me on the website. By the look of his profile, I figured we didn't have anything in common. However, he persisted to talk to me, and within a week I was like, "who is this guy???"!! We ended up having more and more to talk about, and I found myself getting on-line just to talk to him.

We finally decided to meet each other. I was extremely nervous. I already knew that I really liked him, but kept thinking that we wouldn't hit it off in person. I had him meet me out at Best Buy, because I didn't want some freaky internet person knowing where I lived?!?! My stomach was in knots, and as composed as I could, told him to follow me. We dropped off his truck and headed to Phoenix.

I decided that it would be fun to take him to a baseball game!! I was SO on my game!! He didn't really talk a lot, and wouldn't look at me. But regardless, we had a good time. The next day he wanted to hang out again, so we hung out at my little sisters house. I remember leaving that night, and talking to Megan and Crispin on the phone on my way home. They had the same opinion as me.... He's just not that into me. BUT he continued talking to me and look what ended up happening!!

Mark I know that life is sometimes upside down, but I love you more than I ever thought I could! You picked up the pieces and helped put life back together. I hope you know that I am so glad that you decided you wanted to marry me! You made me the happiest woman alive!!! I look forward to an eternity with you!!!


Salazar Family said...

Oh you're so sweet!! I love seeing you so happy!!

Betty said...

You two deserve eternity together. I'm just so happy for all 4 of you, Rachel, Mark, Grant, and now, Cami.... and the wonderful thing about the heart is it has room for all.... you'll love your little girl and still have lots of love for everyone else..... I love reading your blog and hearing about your life!!!

Kathy said...

I love reading "how we met" stories.