Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Try, try, try again

Not sure where and when I decided I want to "try" something different, but one day I asked Mark if he wanted to try doing a "leather" look on one of our walls. We were pumped, and had everything!! Here is what ended up with my difficult wall...

*WARNING* DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME!!! One word: UGH!!! It looks like we stripped off old paneling and the glue left a residue... Well at least it does to me! But it was Mark's 1st attempt, and I love him for doing it for me!!
This was my 1st attempt after watching Mark... Not to to bad... but still not lookin' like what I want it too!
Finished product look!! I won't have the entire wall done until I repaint the "tryouts". But I must say, I am glad I figured it out!!!!

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