Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can we just get over this?

Last weekend we went up to Casa Grande to see Kendi's family one last time before they left. When I picked up the kids that Friday, Cami had a wet sounding cough. Then came Saturday. She started acting not like herself.

We came home on Sunday, and Cami was burning up. I, naturally, began to panic. Her temperature was 102 after all. After trying to get a hold on the pediatrician, without success, Mark and I took Cami into the ER in Bisbee. I was very relieved that it was the head ER doctor working, and he did all the test. He made sure that it wasn't this or that. The worst part was watching them try to draw blood! Holy cow, it hurt me more than her!! She was so sick, she just sat there most of the time.

Finally, her temp was down, and we were sent home. She had bronchiolitis. Very hard to watch her have. Ruth and Randy took Grant for the night, and I stayed up with Cami. She didn't improve and we were back in to see the doctor that Tuesday. She put her on some steroids to help open her airways and some antibiotics. And it started working like a charm!

So her older brother wanted to be around like always... He loves her, and wanted to share every thing with her... Including being sick. On Wednesday he had a temperature of 102 and he began shaking. Unable to get in to see his doctor (I see a horrible trend here!!), I took him to urgent care. Where, we were treated by another one of Bisbee's ER doctors (ironic, huh?!?) Come to find out, Grant had RSV. I felt so bad for the little guy. Grant still wasn't getting better though, and on Saturday, he kept telling me "Owie, ear hurt..." So I knew something was wrong with his ear. I took him back to that urgent care, and the same doctor was there! Yes, in deed Grant had 2 infected ears. We got some medicine and went home. When we woke up Sunday Mark asked me if Grant's pillow had blood on it the night before, which of course it didn't. Come to find out his ear drum ruptured. Talk about pain!! He has since started recovering.

This is what my house looks like, when there are 2 sick kids... Did I mention I woke up Sunday really not feeling well?? I went to work yesterday, only to be seen by a doctor and also tested positive for strep throat... Yay... GO AWAY!!


Alison Hixson said...

Gosh, you guys sure have been thru the wringer!! I hate when babies get sick. It is the hardest part of being a mom, at least in my opinion. Hope you all get over everything fast and get back to the norm! Good luck!

annie said...

when it rains it pours! I hope everyone starts feeling better soon