Saturday, August 14, 2010

Birthday Party, 3 year old style

What a day... What a week!! Grant has been asking about his Birthday Party for weeks now, and finally, today it came. Tonight I'm sitting here, not thinking about all things that happened today, or what other people thought. When I put Grant down for bed tonight, I asked him if he had a good day, and his smile went ear to ear, and he told me yes. That is all that matter today. My baby boy is no longer a baby, and he often times reminds me of that. He is growing up so fast.

There are a lot of pictures. My camera is a pile of poo, and for whatever reason, the pictures came out funky. OF ALL the days to mess up, today had to be one of them!!

Grant helped make his birthday cake!! He loved it. Papa Maroney and him also did some last minute decorating with the icing too.

I had picked out the cake, and was SO excited about it. But this morning was almost in tears because it wasn't working out for me. So my super husband came to my rescue!

You have to love the kid. And yes, that is the piece he got.

Grant got a bike, helmet, sunglasses, bell for his bike, games, pj's and a flashlight! He loved everything!!

I had planned on having a few more people show up, but they were unable to make it. I had purchased a pinata, and the kids LOVED IT!

Cami and Papa watching the excitement.

And of course we had to bring in the pro, Morgan.

They didn't quite understand running for the candy.

Again, Cami wishing she could join in.

We had to make the kids take more candy!! Over all, I enjoyed my day. I love that Grant had fun, and finally got sang to! He has asked me all week to sing the birthday song to him. I love this little guy so much!!


Kari said...

so fun, wish we could've been there.

Rioux Family said...

It's weird for me to think he's 3. I remember going to your baby shower for him haha. I think that was the last time I saw you too.