Friday, August 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Grant!!

Where has the time gone?? I am so amazed at how fast Grant has grown up, and he's only 3!! Tuesday was officially his birthday, and he woke up to a party!

I borrowed this tradition from a friend, and Grant loved it!! His first words out of his mouth were, "What's this??" I wanted his day to be special, and all about him.

Grant every morning asks for pancakes for breakfast, he's a kid after my own heart. Mark was still home, so we sang happy birthday to him. His eyes just lit up, knowing we were singing to him!!

Ruth had asked if we wanted to come over to decorate cupcakes with the daycare kids. Grant LOVES going to Grandma's, and LOVES it when the daycare kids are there!! After that we went to the park and library with them. I dropped Cami off with Grandma, and Grant went to lunch with just mommy and daddy. After we dropped Mark back off at work, Grant had one simple request, to go to the tool store. And so we went to lowe's to look at tools... I love this little guy!!

I remember how I felt when it became clear to me that I was probably going to be a single mother. How hard it was to take, and how bitter I felt. When we woke Grant up Tuesday morning, I looked at Mark and told him he has made it to all of his birthdays. Although, he wasn't there for his 'birth' day, Heavenly Father knew Grant would have both parents in his life. How grateful I am that he came to me, and that I could be his mom!

Grant has really changed so much these past few months. He has begun speaking clearer and learning new words everyday. When we go to the store, he listens so much better than he use to, unless he's tired of course! He has been potty trained since June. Grant is also a great helper, and is some times Cami's second mother!! I hope you had a great Birthday Grant!!! I LOVE YOU, and look forward to many MANY more birthdays!

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