Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last week Mark and I purchased a new car for our growing family. Itching to take it somewhere, I decided we would go to Costco up in Tucson today. The kids did really well on the way up. After stopping at Costco and then having lunch, we headed back home.

I knew it wouldn't take Cami very long to fall asleep, and I was right. When I stopped at a light, I looked back and found my sweet little boy doing this:

Grant and Cami absolutely love and adore each other! If Cami gets fussy, Grant steps in and tells her it's ok because he is right there. When we go to the store and he wants something, he grabs two, one for him and one for Cami. I am so blessed to have kids that have such a great bond!!


ScottNLili said...

He is such a cute kid!! What a good big brother, you can't teach that to them!
And little sissy is such a doll. I want to squish her chubby cheeks! ANd hello... what new car did you get!?

Kaye said...

moments like that make mommy hearts happy