Saturday, May 14, 2011

Father & Sons Campout

Last night was the father and sons camp out for our ward. Grant was so excited to go with Daddy and Grandpa Maroney!!! As soon as Grandpa Maroney pulled up in his truck with a car seat, Grant was in heaven! He climbed in and found a bag of candy that "Grandma put together for me (Grant)", and he was sure she was thinking of him when she did it. Because I wasn't there, there wasn't a camera, so I was surprised when I got a picture text last night telling me goodnight!! All I know is that they had a good time, and Grant was very good. All he has talked about today is going camping again... I love that Grant has such an awesome Dad and Grandpa!

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About Us said...

I love that Mark has become such an anchor in Grant's life - he (Grant) sure deserves a good person like that. Thanks for the updates we get on your family through your blog - we enjoy seeing and hearing about it all.