Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Nursery TIME!

OK, she's not just nursery age, she's officially 18 months!! Cami is full of surprises these days, and she no doubt has one of the funniest, yet sassy personalities ever. She had her 18 month check up and she was just over 24 pounds, and I believe she was 38 inches (I can't remember). Cami is also ALL Maroney. She just reminds me of a mini Grandma Maroney. Here are just a few of Cami's newest things:
-She LOVES to talk... She mainly says, "here you go" "thank you" "mom" or "dad". However, she started to say "please" last night. She also will talk on the phone, which is so sweet!!
-Dancing. We can be in the car and I'll look in the back and she'll be trying to bust a move.
-Walks. She knows Grandma Maroney loves walks, and whenever we are there, she wants to go out on a walk. She'll even climb into our stroller at home. She is always ready.
-She officially has stopped sleeping through the night. 1 our of 5 nights, she'll make it through the whole thing... But she has stopped sleeping through the night!
-Jumping. I have her mattress on the ground right now, waiting for the rest to be done, and she loves to jump on it. She also just loves jumping on the ground.
-Attached. She is ATTACHED to her blankie and her thumb. When I wash her blanket, I have to hide it because she freaks out. Grant also knows that he can tease her with it.
-Nursery, as hard as I thought it would be on her, she had a great time and played the entire time! Makes it a little easier =)
-Cami is a really good helper! She will pick up toys or just clean around the house. I love it!!

I love this little girl!! She is so sweet and lovable. I can't wait to see how much change will happen in the next 6 months!! I love you Cami!!!

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