Thursday, July 14, 2011

Where this is headed......

Oh my.

I have this little girl, who can put on the face to melt your heart, and in return she tries to get out of trouble. She understands way more than I remember Grant being able to at this age (but my memory has gone south since being pregnant). Her vocabulary has exploded, and all of the sudden it seems that she is saying new words every day, but you have to listen closely to understand them. With this has come a world of sass. My mother in law had her yesterday and come to find out Cami cried and threw a fit for 5 minutes because she didn't want to get in her car seat. She does this with me, however I place one of my arms across her lap and then strap her in... Which results in a HUGE melt down for the entire 20 minute ride home. And when something doesn't work like she wants it to, she starts yelling in words that I don't understand, probably best I don't!

But with it all, she is still the cutest little girl, ever. My favorite thing is that she gets so excited about anything, and I mean anything. I started pulling baby stuff out and she was acting like it Christmas morning. I'm sure she learned this from her brother...... Oh her and her brother! He is her best friend, and she wants to be every where he is. On our way home yesterday Grant fell asleep. I looked over at Cami and she had her head all the way to one side and was pretending to sleep. I love that she loves him so much, and that together they are the bestest friends, well most of the time.

Cami is so much fun, and most of the time very easy going. But she is starting to get her, for a better word, sass. And when she breaks out with it, it makes me think about where this is all heading...

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