Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween 2011

What kind of mother am I?? A week before Halloween, it FINALLY dawned on me that my kids are going to need to dress up. This isn't the kind of thing I can write off, now that Grant is in school, and knows what's going on. I so badly want to be the creative mother, and come up with a really awesome custome for the kids... yeah, that didn't happen. I rushed them out and had them pick out what they wanted to be.
Grant naturally saw Thomas, and nothing else mattered. But he was excited, so how could I say no?? Halloween day was the best day Grant has had so far. It was filled with going to school, and celebrating there in his pj's. When he got home, we headed into town and spent the rest of the evening at the Maroney's.
Cami could have cared less about what she was. But I'll admit, she made the cutest minnie mouse. Ever. Cute. Cute. Cute!
We (Mark, Shelby, Morgan, and myself) took the kids out trick or treating. Kara decided early on that she did NOT like Halloween, and was upset almost the entire night. So I stayed back and tried to keep her calm. Didn't work, at all.
Overall, the kids had a great time. I am so glad that my kids are getting older and starting to understand these things better. Kendi, I have been working on enjoying the moment. Life's a little different now. Try it ;)

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