Friday, November 18, 2011

Memories in the making

I'm not sure when, but a few years ago my mom gave me her old bike. And we took it, hoping to get it repaired (it just needs new tires). But it has just sat in the barn. Out of sight, out of mind totally rings true in this case. When we moved, I saw it, and I so badly want to take it for a ride. Maybe we will get a trailer for the girls to ride in for Christmas.

However, last Saturday Mark wanted to start working on cutting down the trees on our property. Naturally the kids had to be where dad is, and I secretly love being near him too ;) I started riding my mom's old bike around, and Cami wanted to go for a ride so bad...

So I started working on different things.

*I lived my childhood being unsupervised and doing crazy things like this ALL the time, and I'm still around ;)

*Cardboard boxes only work on snow

*It is NOT as easy as it looks
*We had a great time laughing and trying to figure out how to make it go

*Riding lawn mowers (without the blade going) works great when you put the kids in the trailer

*This was a great memory in the making!

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Brenda Sue said...

You are such a fun Mom Rachel!! Your kiddos are so lucky to have you! What great memories!! (I secretly like being where ever Josh is too)