Thursday, November 3, 2011

Missing life on the Blog

A few weeks ago, I received an email from my Aunt, expressing her desire to know more about what was going on in my life; since there really hasn’t been a trace of me on here. I must admit, life has not “felt” easy for a few months. I know, I have been blessed and things are going the way they are supposed to go. I, however, have been battling (and still am) the worst postpartum depression. I won’t go into it, but it has been bad, and I even, well told Mark I was done and leaving the next day. It’s not fair, and I wish there was a quick fix. But I am trying to get through this, day by day.

So in the misted of this dark cloud in my life, everything in my life changed. Drum roll please……

We purchased our first home! Let me tell you, once we were moved in and everything else was done at the other house, it was a weight lifted off my shoulders. I love being here. It is very spacious, and CLEAN! No matter how much I cleaned the house we were renting, it never felt clean to me. I love the extra space here. We are slowly finding a place for everything. I am excited about the 4 acres, and what we can do to it. But setting it on fire is NOT an option, lol. I love having more than one bathroom, three full baths to be exact! To put it into words, I just feel home. We had been interested in 2 other homes before this one. The first home was good, and I “liked it” but the well wasn’t right. The 2nd home we looked at, I really “liked” until we got into it, and it was just set up funny and I couldn’t picture where to put our furniture. But again, the well wasn’t right and the bank wouldn’t approve it. The day after looking at the 2nd home, Mark was online and saw a home that looked promising, and it was a brand new listing… So we headed out and peeked through the windows. As soon as I saw it, I was way giddy, but refused to get excited because of the previous 2 homes. Plus being a new listing, who knew what was happening with it. So I contacted our realtor and told her that we wanted to put in an offer, without being “really” inside. I was able to walk through it, but Mark had to work. I fell in love. Grant walked into a room and told Sister Clayton that this was his room… He had never done that to any other homes. Regardless, we put in an offer and they counter, and we accepted it. As I sit here, looking at our beautiful views, I know this was meant to be our home.

With getting a home, I decided I should be a little proactive about things. I decided I wanted to get a part time job. I could have gone back to the hospital, but then the kids would have to go to a baby sitter. As Mark and I talked about it, we decided that retail would be the best thing. That way I could go to work in the evening 3 times a week, and we could have extra income to help with the things we want to do to the house. It ended up being a great thing, since we were misled on how much money we were getting back. Either way, it gives me a break and allows me to socialize with adults. Plus there is no stress and they work with me on my schedule. I honestly CAN NOT wait for black Friday, this time it won’t be me looking stupid =D.

Anyways, I love my new home. And I am excited about it, and the potential the land has! I’m sure more is to come about this new adventure ours!!
There is a fireplace in the front room. The living room, dinning room and kitchen are just one big OPEN area. Love love love it!!
The kitchen is very open, with a breakfast bar!! I love it because I can put my lap top up on the counter and follow recipes without getting it dirty or running back and fourth!

PS. Everything out here is larger... I can wait to see a snake!


Malita Bingham said...

Um, that looks like a black widow! Is that what it is? Yikes! I hate spiders and snakes. I am so afraid of them!

Alison Hixson said...

Congratulations on the house! It looks beautiful! Wish we lived closer so we could get together. I'm only a skype call away, anytime! Love ya!

Alison said...

I'm excited to come home for Christmas and spend time at your house!

Nancy said...

I really enjoyed this post and seeing where you are living now. Thanks for taking the time to do it. Hope all is going well with you now. Love you lots.

Janice said...

You private blog doesn't come up on my blogger dashboard, so I don't check your blog often enough to have read this post. Congratulations on your new home! It's looks wonderful! Hope you are doing well. Take care of yourself! Love you.