Tuesday, May 22, 2012

She's got... P... Personality...

Out of my three children, Kara, is my most strong willed. That's not to say my other two don't voice their opinions... However, we cannot make Kara do anything she does not want to do. She is a fiery redhead, and has the temperament of one too! Her latest is she wants to be held, all of the time. She crawls around the house with her whimpering cry, as if she's saying, "Hold me mommy, PLEASE!". I know this phase of her wanting me is short, compared to the rest of life.
Kara has the biggest personality though!! I love to watch her with the two older ones. She will scream (not cry) at them until they come over. She is Grant's biggest fan, and loves when he pays attention to her. She is also very sweet, and loves to cuddle (briefly). She also gives the biggest, wettest kisses!
I just realized Kara is 10 months old today!! Wow, time flies. Before I know it, she'll be one, and walking/running around the house with Grant and Cami!

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