Saturday, April 10, 2010


Growing up, I can remember going to different places with my mom. I can remember her taking us (Megan, Tara and me) around the state of Arizona one summer while the boys were at boys camp. Some of my best memories growing up are with my Grandma and Grandpa Summers. I remember going to Quartzite, St. George, Yellowstone, and many other places. With them, I discovered new things, like bazaars and swap meets. I remember going to Tombstone with them when I was around 10. Nothing special was going on when we went, and to me, it was a boring trip, with nothing to see. But it was great to just be with my Grandparents.

This past week, I heard an advertisement for a event going on in Tombstone. I figured that since Mark had to work, I would take the kids. I know Grant LOVES horses and guns, why not? And so, this morning we woke up and headed out the door to Tombstone.

It actually ended up being a lot of fun! Grant got a sheriff's badge, Cami got cute flower bows, and I got sheets (who would have thought??).

Grant had a lot of fun watching the horses and there was even an old train there... So he was in HEAVEN!

While we were there a man came and told us about a petting zoo. I took Grant, and even though he wouldn't pet the animals, he loved looking at them.

I wouldn't advise going to Tombstone on any ole day, but when something is going on, it's actually a lot of fun. Now that I am only working part time, I have more time with my kids. I have to often think, what kind of mom do I want to be? I want to be the mom who creates memories for my kids!! And this was hopefully a good one for Grant!!

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Big Fat Gramma said...

Oh fun! I wish I could have been there too. as for the politicians - for SURE