Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A whole lot of nothing

I would love to say that we have been having an exciting month, but that would be a lie. We have been working on getting the bathroom ready for the vanity and sink (YAY, after a LONG year, our bathroom will be done!!) We can't seem to get better. Doesn't matter how many times I disinfect our house, something else comes in and wipes us out for a good week or two.

What would be a post, without a picture of Cami?? She is almost 6 months old! Time sure does fly. She is so easy to love, and such a great baby... Don't they both look comfortable sleeping?? NOT!

Mark has been awesome. Every time I say I want to try something, he jumps at it, and gets whatever I need for the project. We have put in a garden. I am really excited, and hope everything comes up. I imagine a very lush and green area, although, I know it could take a few years of trying before it happens. Last week, Mark bought me a plum tree, I AM SO EXCITED TO HAVE FRUIT TREES!!!

This past weekend we went to Casa Grande, to spend time with the fokes. Both Grant and I were sick!! I wanted to die, but was grateful that I had help, so I could at least rest. I have been home with the kids (& myself) this week, trying to get everyone better.

Last Friday I thought to myself, hmmm, today was suppose to be my last day of work. They have asked me to stay on part time temporarily to help clean up a project. I feel this was a blessing, only because it will help us "ease" into only having one income. I know we will receive blessings from this!!

So as you can tell, a whole lot of pretty much nothing.

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annie said...

I didn't know you were going to be able to stay home - that's great!