Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Black Friday worthy

This is not my picture... But it is pretty close to what I saw, except these people look like they are being nice.

I told Crispin, my brother in law, that our experience on black Friday was "blog" worthy. Seriously, I have the best brother and sister in laws. They crack me up and there is never a dull moment! Annie wanted to go to Walmart on black Friday. So at 9 PM, I decided to go with them. When we got there, hardly anyone was there! Crispin really wanted to get a power wheels for Marcus. I just kept saying to myself, it's going to happen, it's going to happen. I WANTED to get that for Marcus! Then the crowds came. OH MY!!! We decided to spilt up and watch out for them, since no one knew where they were going to be. I had teamed up with a few girls I knew from HS, and around 11:40 we saw the power wheels coming... WOW, I have NEVER seen a frenzy over a toy like this!! People just started grabbing, even though they weren't suppose to touch them until 12:01. I just happened to be right there, so I grabbed one, surprisingly they weren't as heavy as you would imagine! So I'm trying to carry this bulking box around, trying to find Annie or Crispin... All of the sudden, I hear Annie screaming at me and so I started screaming!!! I was shaking so bad, it was kind of funny. Soon after Crispin showed up and he was all excited. He said he saw some coming out and that he was heading to get one, when he heard us screaming. HAHA, it was a fun night with them!!! And I am glad that Marcus is going to get the coolest gift ever!!

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annie w/cottage cheese said...

you know you want to do it all over again with me!