Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Swimming lessons

Someone not knowing how to swim, just seems odd to me. It also seems odd to take "swimming" lessons, especially paying for them! As far back as I can remember, I lived in the pool during the summer months. Swimming just is natural to me. However, being in Sierra Vista, we aren't around a lot of pools, and I want my children to be safe around water. So...

Grant started swimming lessons yesterday!! Both Mark and I were a little worried on how he would do, considering we were swimming in my parents pool this past weekend and he was afraid to get off the step!!

BUT he did wonderfully!! He listens to Mrs. Karen, even though she has to divide her attention among 5 other students. Today they worked on going under the water, and I was amazed that Grant liked it!! He has swimming lessons every week day until the end of the month... Let's hope he learns to swim =)

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