Saturday, June 11, 2011

Just Like Daddy

Oh my little boy!! He loves his mommy, and in no way am I insecure about it. In fact, I've noticed that he only snuggles with me, and is affectionate with just girls. But I've observed something about this little boy...

He LOVES his Daddy!! A week or two ago he got dressed and put on Mark's boots, and then Mark's hat. He then informed me he was going to work. I asked him where, and his reply was, "with Daddy". Every time Daddy is around, nothing else matters to Grant. He wants to be just like Daddy!
This morning, like many Saturday mornings, Mark had to work on a car. It just so happened that it was changing Mark's oil on his truck. Naturally, Grant had to get out his tools, and help Daddy!! And for the most part, Mark is pretty relaxed about letting him come help him.
Doesn't it make you feel safe seeing this big truck up on wood like that?? But I have to trust Mark, and what he is doing... They had a good time together.
This afternoon while making lunch, Grant told me to come look at him. This is what I found, "just like Daddy". It warms my heart to know that this little boy has such a great man to look up to, and that he wants to be just like his Daddy!!

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Betty said...

I'm happy you have Mark, too! You have an awesome family! But then of course, you are pretty awesome, too!