Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Memorial Weekend 2011

Mark asked me early on in the week if he should take Friday off. At first we had wanted to go camping, but then we decided against it. I left it up to him on whether he took it off or not... And I'm glad he decided not to.

Because we got up Saturday and worked. He worked on a friends car, and while the kids and I watched him. After Cami was done napping we went in and hung out with the Maroney's.

The next morning, I wasn't surprised that Mark wanted to go to Casa Grande. But like last year, no one was there... So we took advantage of it!! We swam a lot of the day, and then Mark made up some great elk steak.

Cami was not really a fan of the swimming part. I was surprised because she loves water, but she didn't love the pool!! She sat there and screamed every time one of us swam away.

Grant and Daddy were a different story though!!! They loved it. Grant just loved being in the water, as long as he wasn't asked to go out with mommy or daddy.

After we were done in Casa Grande, we headed back home and had a great afternoon with the Maroney's. I must say, my in laws sure can cook!!!

So again, another year where we worked... I miss camping, but I liked the relaxing part of this past weekend!! Although, it didn't last long.

(Yeah, I know, he is so cute!! When we made chocolate cup cakes on Saturday, he told me he was having fun, but he wanted to go to Grandma's... What am I chop liver ;D)


Alison said...

Your kids are adorable, I love that Grant is wearing an apron and chef hat, and Cami is just so stinkin' cute.

Big Fat Gramma said...

That makes me the chopped liver not you.