Monday, August 24, 2009

Fireworks in August

There is something about Grant that makes me laugh. He always seems to know when he "shouldn't" go to bed. He is usually really good about it, but once in a while he does not go down easily. For instance, last week I put him down and started to make cookies. 15 minutes after putting him down, he was ready to be up again. So I let him stay up for a few more minutes, while I finished baking (he is a lot like me, and loves cookie dough too... though he doesn't get it that often).
Last night was one of those night, where he didn't want to go down. I went into his bedroom and got him up. He helped me a little in Cami's room, and then I had the thought... While we were in Utah we bought some fireworks, and still had them!! We didn't go see the 4th of July fireworks this year, and so I asked Mark to grab a few. We headed outside for Grant's 1st experience with fireworks... His face above says it all!
He wouldn't touch the sparkler. He did, however, think that they were pretty cool. I guess I am ok with the fact that he isn't excited to touch or play with fire! It was fun, and right after he went to bed!! I am so glad to have these fun moments with my family!!


Kathy said...

Ron is a sparkler king. We always have sparklers at our house.

Alioops said...

I love his face in the middle picture!