Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ready or not... I'm counting on not!

I am not sure why, but this has been an extremely difficult pregnancy on my body. Each week I am grateful for having made it this far, and I can only hope to make it to October 23. I have now been to the hospital 3 times (1 was because I had vertigo) and the other two times were to be monitored.

This past Sunday I woke up with a horrible backache. I really thought it was because I worked really hard the day before and my body was just not use to it. But Monday came and the ache continued. It wasn't until Monday night that I knew something wasn't right. I woke up two or three times due to contractions. So today, of all days, I went to see the doctor to make sure everything was going smoothly. By the time I made the appointment, I could barely keep it together, and I was terrified that something was majorly wrong. She sent me to the hospital to have the FFN test, and to be monitored. The test came back negative, which was a huge sigh of relief. However, I did have 4 contractions while I was there. I had to laugh, because according to them, once I hit 6 contractions, then I needed to come back!! SO I guess I'm suppose to wait it out, and hope that I don't start having 6 contractions an hour... BUT what do I do for the pain until I have her?? I have been blessed with a wonderful family. Even better, I was blessed to have married into a great family too!! Two weeks ago Mark's cousin, Aunt Susie and Grandma Maroney threw me a baby shower. Honestly, it was really hard for me, only because I felt I shouldn't have one since I had one with Grant. But Kimberly persisted, and I am so glad that she did. I had an awesome time getting to know the Maroney girls. My mom, Megan and Macki were able to come too! Which made it all the much better!!
I am no where near ready for Cami JoAnn to come. She needs to bake a little longer too! Mark and I purchased the crib set above. I was so excited, because I went with hand me downs for Grant (which I am grateful for!!). I am just so excited for this little girl to make her grand entrance into this world... In 57 days!!!!


Brenda Sue said...

I'm glad that you and Cami are alright! You are a strong woman who I admire, you can make it through the next 57 days! Have faith! :)

Alioops said...

You have a middle name! I like it.