Monday, April 4, 2011

And the rest

The kids and I left for "Utah" on Thursday morning. We stayed the night with my parents that night, and I figured we would stay until Saturday. But when I woke up Friday, I was really sick. I couldn't find anyone to help watch the kids so I could go to the Dr, so I made a drastic, and yeah, stupid choice to just get in the car and start driving to Utah. I can't believe I was so brave and drove 12 hours with 2 kids all by myself. We did stop in Page and stay the night. Actually, it was a pleasant drive, and the kids did so well!!

We got up to Salt Lake on Saturday, and my wonderful Aunt let us stay with her. I was so glad that my cousin, Alison, was there.... Even if it was just for the night. Monday through Wednesday, we pretty much went around visiting old friends, and enjoying the great food Utah has to offer!! We really didn't do much until Mark got there Wednesday night.

I didn't want to sit around and do boring stuff. Most of the "attractions" didn't open until the following weekend, but we did find a few fun things to do! My Aunt Nancy suggested the train museum and then the Air Force museum.

So Thursday we did just that... And Grant was in heaven!!!

At Hill Force Museum.

On Friday we decided to do some shopping. We headed to Murray, and stopped at Schmitt's pastry ship. OHHHH NELLY, their cinnamon rolls were to DIE for, and they were SO big!! I couldn't finish mine.

While at the mall, we noticed that it started snowing again (the entire trip was cold and wet)!! By the time we got back to my Aunts, the ground was covered...

So we had a little fun...

And some more....

Ok, Ok, it was great to play in it!! But it was even better to go into a warm house!!

We left Saturday afternoon. Grant didn't even hit Nephi before he was sick. I felt really bad for the guy. He had no color and couldn't keep anything he ate or drank in him. He was sick for days!!! We finally found out the poor guy had strep throat, what a hard way to end a trip. But we had a great time, and it was nice to get away. But in the words of Grant, I miss(ed) my bed... ;)

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Salazar Family said...

Im glad you had a decently fun trip up here! Its to bad we didn't get to hang out. I was really looking forward to spending time with you! Im also bummed I didn't get to see you before you left.... Maybe next trip! :)